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In Béziers near Cessenon sur Orb, there is the Canal du Midi which is part of the UNESCO World Heritage (in 1996), artificial watercourse, idea of ​​Pierre Paul Riquet, 240km long and wide 10 to 20 meters it connects the Garonne to the Mediterranean. In October 1666, Louis XIV signed the decree authorizing its construction. It was completed in 1681 and was finally baptized with its current name in 1789 during the revolution. It can be explored by mountain bike, or by pleasure boat at your convenience, but you cannot pass by without stopping there. The 9 Locks of Fonseranes are also listed as World Heritage by UNESCO at the same time as the Canal (1996), and are actually a single lock with 8 basins and 9 gates. They are 312 meters long, it is an essential passage in the continuity of the Canal.

The Cathedral of St Nazaire is in Gothic style with Romanesque architecture, this cathedral visible from all around Béziers offers a magnificent view of the city and the surrounding villages, from the bell tower in particular. Do not forget to end your visit with the bishops’ garden which is worth the detour.

Continuing your visit go through the old bridge which is only pedestrian and which will allow you to discover different viewpoints of the City of Béziers.

Among other essential places in Béziers, you have the famous Allées Paul Riquet and its Franciscan theater to visit, but also the Plateau des Poètes and its greenery in the city center, or The Arenas, St Jacques Church, the Chapel of the Penitents , St Aphrodite’s Basilica and also less known the Roman amphitheater and its vestiges.

Especially if you are in our beautiful region, the City of Béziers is really essential in terms of heritage, historical riches and breathtaking views.

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